Our Story, The Jim Menzel Project

The Jim Menzel Project consists of:  Jim Menzel on guitars and songwriting, Danette Daniels on Lead and back up vocals, Gary Lickness on bass guitar and Vaughn Link on drums.  The band is from the Minneapolis, MN area, which is the Hotbed for music in the Upper Midwest.  The band plays a varied mix of musical styles.  Rock, Hard Rock, Blues, 60's Rock, Garage and Rockabilly are all represented.  Currently, we are in the process of getting our CD ( Midnite Shadows ), out to people everywhere, that want to check out our sounds.
   Jim has played in various original and cover bands, including Driveline band with Danette on vocals.  Gary and Jim played in Big Daddy and the B-3's together.  Gary and Vaughn play in the M.E. band together.  Back in the day, Jim had the honor of recording at the same studio as the famous garage rock band, THE LITTER !  All members have played in other various bands, including Gary in Burning Sky, a tribute to Bad Company. 
  Jim is currently playing in the IT'S NEVER 2 L 8 band and Gary and Vaughn are still playing in the M.E. band.  These are both cover bands.  Jim is in the process of writing songs for the next CD.  While no timetable has been set for it, we are anxious to present some more songs for you to hear. 
  While we are all busy with our respective careers and cover bands, we will continue to set time aside for the Jim Menzel Project.  All of us bring something to the table on this endeavor.  Feel free to contact us for more info and updates and sign up for our mailing list.  Please listen to our music on various sites and contact us if you would like a hard copy of our CD.
  Thanks a lot, talk to you soon.
Jim Menzel